Quality, experienced Business English training

to raise language skills to the next level.

Business Communication

Groups of 

4 - 10

Focussing on the use of language in an organisational context, enabling students to actively participate in relevant communication situations and communicate safely in standard day-to-day business situations.

This course enable students to:

  • gain internal/external communication skills for a business context, i.e. meetings, negotiation talks, sales, pitches, client discussions, HR, etc.

  • know and apply common speech/phrases in standard business situations (meetings, emails, projects), as well as using technical vocabulary specific to the company.

  • communicate effectively in writing and verbally in a business setting.

  • improve general fluency and confidence in using the English language

Pitching, Presenting & Persuasion

Groups of 

4 - 10

Ideal for companies with important foreign markets, to represent and sell their business effectively and persuasively, maintaining fluency and confidence in their English. 


Topics covered include:

  • Persuasive Language Use and Call-to-action

  • Voice Power, Effective Intonation and Power Words in English

  • Presenting: Effective Openers and Conclusions

  • Presenting: Structure and Storytelling Techniques

  • Presenting: Impact and Audience Rapport

  • Discussing Facts, Figures and Graphs

  • Banishing the "Denglish" and Gaining Clearer Pronunciation

One-on-one or Customized Classes


or small groups

For professionals requiring language up-skilling in minimal time.


Smaller groups allow for more flexibility and interaction, and harmonization with the specific learning goals at hand. 


  • Increasing confidence with language use

  • Gaining clearer pronunciation

  • Engaging real-life role-plays

  • Internal/external business communication

  • Informal vs Formal language use

  • Grammar crash-course

  • Letters, email, phone 

Bregez Tourismus.png


Director, Bregenz Tourism

"Chris was a really great tutor for our tourist information staff. He encouraged them to express themselves and inform about attractions in the region. On top of it, they had fun!"

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 15.57.08.png


Student, WIFI Vorarlberg

"The training was very lively and interesting. Through practical examples and activities I was motivated and inspired to keep on learning. I found the teacher to be very pleasant, calm, and always patient."

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 15.56.51.png


Process Manager, Alpla

"We had a great time with Chris - he knows how to teach the content clearly and in such a way that it is understandable to students of varying levels. And, importantly, we had lots of laughs!"