Translation, Proofreading, and Localization

for effective internationalization.

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Case Study 1: Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourism

The Goal: To create an English-language website to attract international companies for conferences and events around Lake Constance. 

The Result: Translation of German version, adapted for an international business audience, emphasized with emotive and persuasive language.

They said: "Thanks for the fantastic work. We're delighted with the translation, and also learned some new things in the process!"

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Case Study 2: Mylani AG

The Goal: To create an English-language version of their innovative educational craftbook.

The Process: Face-to-face meetings to understand the unique product.

The Result: Transcreation of English version, adapted for an international audience while bearing in mind the playful and conversational tone of the original German.

They said: "This was the first edition of a craft book series for children, and Chris creatively translated it from German to English for the UK audience. He endeavored to provide creative ideas and consultation in regards to language nuance and humor specific to the target audience, while not alienating our original writing style. I greatly appreciated the degree of involvement in the process - an outstanding service and a result I can trust and am very happy with. I will not hesitate to ask him again for future translations as the series continues. Last but not least, he delivered way ahead of the agreed deadline."

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